Glookast -- NEW! -- LiveOps





Gloobox LiveOps is a multiviewer-based live ingest control application that 
provides remote control of Gloobox Capturer via a web browser.  It allows 
operators to control the recording of feeds from multiple sources including 
live sports and studio feeds. 

Live feed recordings can be viewed and controlled via a web browser. It can 
control multiple channels across multiple Gloobox Capturer servers.  

Gloobox LiveOps also allows the assignment of a pool of backup emergency 
channels for users. This allows users to quickly switch their critical recordings to 
a secondary channel in the case of the failure of one of their primary channels.

Gloobox LiveOps is designed to run on a redundant and hot failover platform.  

Gloobox LiveOps Features & Benefits :

Live recording control application with web brower-based interface.  

•    Web-based centralized ingest control application.
•    Multiviewer based view and control of channels.
•    View and Control of up to 9 channels per user.
•    Emergency backup channel feature.
•    Multi-user support.
•    Client-server architecture.
•    Designed to support failover redundancy.
    •    Redundant node option available.
•    Centrally manages Gloobox Capturer output systems and templates. 
•    Support for house timecode reference via LTC timecode input.
•    Tracks channel availability and status for all controlled channels.
•    Locks channels while live recordings are taking place.
•    Combines channels into resource groups.



Gloobox LiveOps Turnkey System Specs:

•    1RU Rackmountable Server
•    Eight Core with Hyper Threading
•    16GB of RAM
•    1 Gbps NIC
•    Windows 7 or 10 (64 bit)
•    Dual Power Supplies
•    Two OS Drives, Raid 1 Protected



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