21 Jul 2017

The Background

3sixtymedia is a post-production company, based at MediaCityUK in Salford Quays. Formed in 2000, it was originally based at Granada Television's Quay Street headquarters.

Customer Challenge

3sixtymedia needed to grow their post-production capabilities but needed to do so by minimizing the investment required to achieve this goal. The desire was to take advantage of existing in-house technology.

Their challenge was to incorporate an existing Isilon EMC storage solution into their existing Avid post-production system. The goal was to add more content editing capabilities to their existing Avid ISIS storage by being able to park media temporarily on their Isilon storage. An additional goal was to do this without having to re-train their operational staff on new software applications.

The Avid post-production system is composed of ISIS storage, Interplay | Production, Interplay Archive working with SGL's FlashNet content storage management system tied to a LTO Robot.

By incorporating their Isilon storage into their Avid system 3sixtymedia was looking for a solution that would allow them to:

  • Park high resolution media residing on their Avid ISIS storage into the Isilon storage using Interplay | Production
  • Create a proxy, of the media being parked, on the Avid post-production system that will be used to edit their programs
  • Once media has been parked a check sum operation was desired that would ensure that the high-resolution was parked appropriately
  • Check if the same media has been sent to their SGL based deep archive system
  • Once the high-resolution media has been parked, a proxy has been created, and the asset has been copied to their deep archive, the high-resolution media should then be deleted automatically from the Avid ISIS storage system
  • Programs should then be edited on the Avid system using the proxy created during the parking process
  • Once sequences are ready for retrieval of the high-resolution media, editors can use Interplay | Production to request a partial restore of the media used in the sequence
  • Then use Avid’s dynamic relink feature to replace the proxy media with its high-resolution version for finalizing the edit

The Solution and Workflow

After evaluation of the market options available that could possibly solve their challenge and achieve their desired workflow 3sixtymedia chose two technologies to evaluate via a proof of concept (PoC).

GLOOKAST’s glooport media workflow services family was one of the solutions chosen for the PoC and ultimately was the solution chosen to implement the desired workflow.

GLOOKAST glooport media|parker was selected for the parking of high-resolution media, via the use of Interplay | Production watch folders, to the Isilon storage system. media|parker is also responsible for performing a check sum process to ensure the media is properly parked. While the media is being parked, media|parker is also responsible for creating a proxy version and checking it into the same asset.

The glooport media services engine, on which the media|parker service runs, is also responsible for monitoring the parking process as well as the deep archive process. Once media is parked, a proxy is crated, and it is archived via SGL to the deep archive, the glooport media services engine automatically deletes the high-resolution media from the Avid system.

GLOOKAST glooport media|retriever was selected for the partial retrieval of the high-resolution media via the submission of sequences to Interplay | Production watch folders.

The solution was implemented fulfilling all 3sixtymedia’s requirements.

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