Glookast File-Based Ingest

Data Sheet


One of the most challenging issues of media production is the complexity 
of capturing, sharing, managing, converting and distributing digital content 
across diverse platforms. GLOOKAST empowers you to do just that -- with
the freedom to choose the tools you like from the vendors you select.

In today’s productions, media files can come from a large variety of camera 
types. The files structures, codec types and wrappers that these cameras
produce can be hard to manage and even more difficult to ingest into your
post production environment.  The GLOOBOX Ingester family provides a 
simple means by which to manage a wide variety of acquisition formats 
and deliver a standard media file to your post production system

GLOOBOX Ingester / Ingester LT Features and Benefits:


High speed, multi-stream, multi-res, file-based ingest and transcode solution
for direct-attached media devices and watch folder-based MXF workflows.

•    Ingest and check into Avid Interplay | Production with frame chase.
•    Ingest directly into any storage and into multiple destinations.
•    Transcode files as they are being ingested  & create proxies simultaneously.
•    Ingest from USB connected devices or watch folders.
•    Processes 2 or 4 files simultaneously.
•    File types supported include: 
       AVC-lntra/AVC-Ultra, ProRes, DNxHD & DNxHR, h.264, SRMASTER (SStP). 
     iPhones, iPad, Androids, GoPro, digital cameras such as Canon DSLR or XF.
     UHD/4K: DNxHR, XAVC (Ingester only).
•    Downscale 4K to HD (Ingester only).
•    Metadata-driven automated ingest.
•    Clip re-naming rules.
•    Fully featured spanned clip support.
•    Merge clips or create a sequence. 



GLOOBOX Ingester 2RU Turnkey Appliance Specs:

•    2RU Rack-mountable Server
•    Dual Ten Core with Hyper Threading
•    32GB of RAM
•    1Gbps NIC or 10 Gbps NIC (optional)
•    Windows 7 or 10 (64 bit)
•    Dual Power Supplies
•    Two OS Drives, Raid 1 Protected


GLOOBOX Ingester 1RU Turnkey Appliance Specs:

•    1RU Rack-mountable Server
•    Dual Eight Core with Hyper Threading
•    32GB of RAM
•    1 Gbps NIC
•    Windows 7 or 10 (64 bit)
•    Dual Power Supplies
•    Two OS Drives, Raid 1 Protected



GLOOKAST understands the value of your content and recognizes the importance of quality and reliability of any tool used to process
digital media. That’s why our design process provides an optimum balance of hardware specifications and reliability as well as software 
modularity and stability. In a 24/7 business, disruption of operations can represent a very high cost. At GLOOKAST, we are dedicated to 
provide you with unrivaled services and support, ensuring minimum cost of ownership. Comprehensive and customizable training is 
available at your site or at our facilities in the Americas or Europe. Choosing GLOOKAST services and support protects your investment.