Glookast File Outgest & Movement


Data Sheet



“File Outgest and Stitching”



Today, most media enterprises have multi-vendor solutions throughout their


facilities. They also have the need to easily share or transfer media and metadata

between these platforms. With a wide variety of codecs, file wrappers, and

metadata standards, this can be a complex and labor intensive task.

Glooport media|connector simplifies inter-platform connectivity by automating

these processes.


Glooport media|connector is a service-oriented, redundant, hot fail-over, and

load-balanced inter-platform media and metadata movement solution. It serves as

a bridge between platforms from different vendors. By adding the media transformer

service, transcoding capabilities are added to the feature set of media|connector.


Glooport media|connector:


.        Outgest from Avid Interplay | Production with file flattening   

.        MXF media transfer to/from workgroups, SAN, NAS, Archive, etc.

.        Inter-Platform watch folder workflows     

.        Avid ISIS/Interplay compatible


Glooport media|transformer option:


.        Adds the capacity to do transcode-on-demand (XOD) of media being processed.

.        Adds option to create proxies of media being outgested or moved.