Press Release GLOOKAST presents European debut of Glooport media movement tools at IBC 2015

Davie (FL-USA) and Porto (Portugal), September 1, 2015 - GLOOKAST, an innovator in MXF workflow solutions, will present its new family of media movement solutions, Glooport, for the first time in Europe on Stand 7.D03 at IBC 2015. This new modular product line, which debuted as a technology demonstration at NAB 2015, provides intelligent and secure tools to move media between different platforms around the production and post-production environment.


Glooport is the next step in GLOOKAST’s growing family of production and post-production workflow solutions. The Glooport Media Service Engine is a platform that hosts a variety of software services that securely moves media between platforms. It is available as a turnkey appliance onto which users can add services individually, depending on their requirements. The services include:

·       media|parker: Via tight API integration with Avid Interplay, media|parker can easily move media, sequences, and projects to third party storage via Interplay. Metadata is preserved in Interplay. Partial parking of media used in sequences is also available.

·       media|retriever: Offers retrieval of full or partial clips and/or tracks from archive or nearline storage. It can intelligently analyze what media is required and only retrieves the segments of clips used in a project.

·       media|transformer: Adds the capacity to do transcode-on-demand (XOD) of native media being retrieved from nearline to online storage. It also adds the capacity to create proxies of media being parked.

·       media|connector:  Enables the transfer of media and metadata to/from third party systems, as well as outgest functionality with file flattening. It also adds multi-platform distribution (MPD) capabilities to your workflow, re-wraps media and translates metadata, and distributes media to single or multiple platforms.

“The Glooport family simplifies a variety of workflow issues faced by many media enterprises, whether it’s enabling them to share media and metadata between multi-vendor platforms while negotiating different codecs, file wrappers and metadata standards, or helping them take advantage of lower cost storage by seamlessly integrating it into their workflow,” said Guilherme Silva, Co-founder and CEO, GLOOKAST. “These tools allow our customers to move their media in an intelligent and secure way.”

The Glooport family will be available for demonstration, together with GLOOKAST’s flagship Gloobox ingest solutions, on Stand 7.D03 at IBC 2015.

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Established in 2009, GLOOKAST is redefining MXF-based broadcast and drama production workflows. Gloobox and Glooport family of products were developed from the ground up with key capabilities to address news, sports, archive, disaster recovery, and post-production workflows. With a set of modular and highly customizable tools, GLOOKAST makes implementation of true multi-format, multi-resolution workflows a reality.


GLOOKAST products are widely used by broadcasters, content producers, universities, and post-production facilities in the USA, Latin America and Europe.