Glookast Ingest-Remote Ingest-Park-Retrieve-Transform-Outgest

Data Sheet

Most media enterprises have multi-vendor solutions throughout their facilities. 
They also have the need to easily share, transfer, and transform media and metadata
between these platforms. With a wide variety of codecs, file wrappers, and metadata 
standards, this can be a complex and labor intensive task. Glooport simplifies 
inter-platform connectivity by automating these processes.    

Glooport is a family of services offering parking, media retrieval, transcoding 
and outgest.  It is a service-oriented, redundant, hot failover, and load-balanced 
platform. All glooport products have tight API integration with Avid Interplay | Production, 
Interplay | MAM and MediaCental | UX.  

media|producer:   NEW! Fully distributed, virtualizable, load-balanced, cloud-ready, multi-user, media & metadata 
INGEST platform for post production environments. 
Three modes of operation: Client to cluster mode, individual mode, field ingest mode. Capable of 8 simultaneous jobs

media|parker:   Easily move media, sequences, and projects to third party storage via Interplay, MediaCentral or via Media 

Composer in non-Interplay environments. It can restore what it parks. Metadata is preserved in Interplay. 
Proxies can be created and stored in Interplay while the hi-res media is being parked.  

media|retriever:  Retrieval of full or partial clips and/or tracks with transcoding from nearline storage. Sequences 
created using proxies can be submitted to Interplay for retrieval. media|retriever intelligently analyzes what hi-res 
media is required and only retrieves segments of clips used in the sequence. Can Transcode while retrieving. 

media|transformer:  Transcodes media within or between Interplay systems or from third parties storage to Interplay.
Can automatically detect new media, transcode and check  it into Interplay. Capable of 8 simultaneous jobs.

media|connector:  Transfers media and metadata to third party systems. Outgest funtionality with file flattening  and 
stitching. Transforms media and translates metadata. 



Sample Workflow:

 Media is ingested directly to nearline storage via GLOOBOX or media|producer or parked via media|parker to 
     the nearline storage system.

•    Low resolution files are ingested via GLOOBOX or created via media|parker. Proxies are kept in the online 
     shared storage system.

•    Material is edited using low resolution media found in the online storage system.

•    Finished low resolution sequences are deposited in a watch folder within the production asset management system.

•    media|retriever restores high resolution clips from nearline to online storage. If native/non-transcoded media 
      is present on the nearline, media|transformer can transcode the media on the fly as the restore is taking place. 

•    media|retriever can restore sequences, full or partial clips, or selected tracks from the nearline.

•    High resolution media is re-linked to the low resolution content for finishing with the editing application.

•    Finished sequences can be sent to third party systems via media|connect


glooport minimum hardware requirements:

•    Dual Eight Core with Hyper Threading
•    32GB of RAM
•    1 Gbps or 10Gbps NIC
•    Windows 7 or 10 (64 bit)