Data Sheet

Gloobox Scheduler is a web-based centralized ingest scheduling application 
that automates the acquisition of feeds via Gloobox Capturer.  It allows operators 
to schedule the recording of feeds from multiple sources including satellites, 
live feeds, microwave feeds, studio inputs, and VTRs. It can coordinate the 
simultaneous capture of high-resolution media and low-resolution proxies to 
multiple destinations via Gloobox Capture servers.

Gloobox Scheduler is designed to be run on a redundant and hot failover 
platform.  It can control multiple channels across multiple Gloobox Capturer 
servers and assign channels to scheduled recordings. Scheduled recordings can 
be viewed in four different ways: monthly view, weekly view, daily view, and 
timeline view.


Gloobox Scheduler Features & Benefits:

Scheduling appliance with web-based application.

  • Web-based centralized ingest scheduling application.
    • Client-server architecture.
  • Basic configuration includes control of up to six channels.
    • Additional channels can be added in groups of six.
  • Multi-user support.
  • Designed to support failover redundancy.
    • Redundant node option available.
  • Centrally manages Gloobox Capturer output systems and templates.
  • Support for house timecode reference via LTC timecode input.
  • Centralized view of channel feeds.
  • Tracks channel availability and status for all controlled channels.
  • Locks channels while scheduled recordings are taking place.
  • Combines channels into resource groups.
  • Crash recording control available.