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Media Parking and Retrieval

The demand for low-cost nearline storage and the use of deep archives is on the rise.  Broadcasters are experiencing an explosion of media coupled with high costs for online storage. Productions with high shooting ratios often lead to sub-optimal use of gigabytes of online storage with media that will never be used or may only be used in a long-term time-frame. 

Glooport helps you take advantage of lower cost storage by seamlessly integrating it into your workflow. Glooport is a family of solutions providing service-oriented, redundant, hot fail-over, and load-balanced parking and media retrieval enabling highly efficient media parking workflows. It serves as a bridge between online storage and either parking/nearline storage or managed tape-based archive systems

media|parker:  Via tight API integration with Avid Interplay | Production, media|parker can easily move media, sequences, and projects to third party storage via Interplay.
Proxies can be created and stored in Interplay while the Hi-Res media is being parked.  Metadata is preserved in Interplay. 

media|retriever:  media|retriever offers retrieval of full or partial clips and/or tracks from nearline storage. Sequences created using proxies can be submitted to Interplay | Production for retrieval, media|retriever then intelligently analyzes what High Resolution media is required and only retrieves the segments of clips used in the sequence.
Optionally you can Transcode media as it is being retrieved with the Transformer option.