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19 Apr 2017

GLOOKAST strives to strike an effective balance between thinking both within and outside the proverbial box (go to http://goo.gl/mkz8As). Our company goal is to innovatively and efficiently update our product lines by paying attention to the minor details that make such a huge difference in our industry, while simultaneously making user-friendly solutions that don’t cause unnecessary complications.

Internally, we call this initiative WHAT-HOW-WHEN. We’ve designed our entire product line using the WHAT-HOW-WHEN principles. Let’s review a sampling of what our products offer.

First on the list is our glooport media|producer, which is redefining ingest through a fully distributed, virtualizable, and cloud-ready ingest platform. Boasting a fully redundant architecture, our new ingest solution allows for ingest over LAN, WAN, or remote while completely disconnected in the field. media|producer supports all the latest master file-based formats – RED, XAVC-I, XAVC Long G, XOCN, and SStP.

Some of you may be familiar with our existing appliance catered toward baseband ingest, Gloobox Capturer. With the industry’s rapid shift to IP-based infrastructures, we only thought it was right to offer our clients a compliant solution. Our new Gloobox Capturer IP/4K does just that, as it supports 4 channel HD capture over IP, as well as 2 channel 4K HD-SDI capture. Capturer IP/4K also offers an integrated clip player with pre-read and SDI monitoring.

The last product on this short list is our baseband ingest control solution for live events, sports, and multi-cam productions: Gloobox LiveOps. LiveOps supports live video and audio display of up to 32 incoming feeds, and offers unlimited multi-user support for live simultaneous clip logging and metadata editing.

Check out the how-we-do-it page to read about the entire GLOOKAST product line or contact us for more details.

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