Glookast Terms and Conditions

This document describes GLOOKAST’s commitment to provide the highest levels of software and hardware support to our Customers.

Support and Warranty

GLOOKAST products include one year of hardware and software support from one year from date of shipment from GLOOKAST. 

1.  Hardware warranty includes servers, boards, etc. purchased from GLOOKAST by an authorized GLOOKAST Reseller.  Defective warranted hardware must be returned to GLOOKAST repair location (which will be provided to the Customer by GLOOKAST).

2.  Software support includes:

     - unlimited email, phone, and remote access support

     - technical documentation updates

     - software updates and new software versions

     - support DOES NOT INCLUDE additional CODECS, features that are introduced as billable options, or on-site services             (on-site services are available through Customer request).

3.  In most cases, first-line telephone support will be provided by your Reseller.  If GLOOKAST is your first-line provider, please email us at or call us at 954-719-3480. 

Reporting An Issue

All issues should be reported through email at Customer’s support engineers or other qualified personnel shall report issues to GLOOKAST by:

1.  By email to (preferred method).

2.  By telephone to +1 954-719-4830.

If direct email is used to log or communicate information relating to a support issue, response and resolution times may be compromised.


Support Process

If the Reseller cannot resolve the support issue, Customer or reseller should contact GLOOKAST and log the issue using:  An internal issue number will be logged and the case will be referred to the appropriate GLOOKAST resource.  The support resource will send an initial report back to the Customer via email or via telephone.  Most bug fixes or workarounds identified can be remotely implemented.  GLOOKAST may require remote VPN access to make the fix. 

If it is jointly decided by GLOOKAST and Customer that an onsite visit is required, the costs of that visit will be agreed upon beforehand and may include reasonable T&L expenses.


Support Hours

Support personnel will be available to Customer weekdays from 9:00am - 6:00pm ET to provide telephone, email, and remote access support for reporting, correcting and resolving issues within the timeframes set forth herein. GLOOKAST will maintain records of all reported issues made by Customer personnel.


Escalation Process

In the event that the Customer has concerns regarding GLOOKAST’s progress with a particular issue or with any other matter regarding the delivery of Support and Maintenance, the Customer may raise such concerns with GLOOKAST by escalating to the Customer Service Manager. Issues outside the ordinary may also be escalated within GLOOKAST by the head of Customer Service to facilitate their resolution


Support Renewal

Support must be renewed on a yearly basis, starting from the day after the previous support contract has ended in order to be maintained. Payment for support renewal must be received within 30 days of the last support contract ending. If support is not maintained, GLOOKAST retains the right:

1.  Not to provide support outside of statutory rights required by law

2.  To refuse a new support contract being taken (on any GLOOBOX equipment or software that has been out of support for any period), or, to charge a 25% premium on support costs starting from the date that the support renewal should have started from.


Issue Categories

Issues will be categorized as set out below by GLOOKAST in GLOOKAST’s reasonable opinion at the time each issue is reported:





Critical Break Fix:  Customer business process is directly and severely affected or degraded and there is no found procedural workaround. 


Serious Break Fix:  Customer's system is degraded such that some functionality, key to the Customer’s business processes, is limited or unavailable, but the Customer is still performing core processes or a workaround has been found that is stable, but considered temporary only.


Medium Impact: A non-urgent issue, which may affect a Customer business process at present or in the future, that requires investigation and which may lead to improvements in performance.


Service, Training, Feature Request: A request for update or upgrade services to a new release, training, consultancy, or a specific enhancement to the Software Product that is separately chargeable.



Response and Resolution Times

GLOOKAST shall use its reasonable efforts to respond to and resolve issues during the timeframes set out below, where the durations specified are business hours, i.e. hours during which the Support services are available as described in Support Hours section.




Resolution / Solution



Initial Follow-Up

Update Frequency


2 Hour (Next Business Day if after hours)

4 Hours (Next Business Day if after hours)

Daily until resolved

Hotfix or workaround


4 Hours (Next Business Day if after hours)

1 Day

Weekly until resolved

Hotfix or New Release


1 Day

1 Week

Monthly until resolved

New Release


1 Day

1 Week